Soft roasting using the three-point food probe

Soft roasting using the three-point food probe: Amazingly tender meat ready at precisely the right time

Do you love cooking for guests but hate having to keep an eye on the meat in the kitchen while your guests are chatting over a drink? Now, you'll never need to again thanks to the sophisticated soft roasting application. This V-ZUG innovation automatically and dynamically regulates the food probe temperature. Regardless of the shape, nature and weight of the meat, it will be ready to serve at just the right time. So you can be the perfect host, keeping your guests company in a relaxed atmosphere and dazzling them with amazingly tender sirloin.

The three-point food probe measures the temperature electronically at three points and recognises where the centre of the food is. The desired cooking level is achieved even if the probe is not inserted precisely. A feature, it can also measure the temperature of meat turning on the spit down to the degree. The current food probe temperature can be called up at any time on the display.

  • Soft roasting
  • Perfectly tender meat
  • Ready at the right time
  • Precise measurement regardless of shape or weight