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V-ZUG makes steam for cleaning too

V-ZUG steamers do not need cold or hot water in their cooking space. Thanks to the external boiler only pure, limescale-free steam enters the cooking space which means no unsightly limescale deposits are allowed to develop. The smooth, obstacle free surface is easy to clean - because V-ZUG thinks about the future. Only when your appliance is as easy to clean as the V-ZUG steamer will you be inspired. And the fact the new all-glass inner door is also particularly easy to clean will only add to your satisfaction. There are no corners or grooves to bother you.

With the exclusive operating modes Hot Air and Hot Air – Humid, you can bake on two shelves simultaneously

Whether it is two trays of biscuits, fruit flans, quiches or gratins, thanks to the optimal circulation of hot air and the cooking space ventilation you will always have excelent baking and cooking results. The Hot Air – Humid operating mode is particularly suited to gratins and soufflés. They cook faster and do not dry out.

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