Design Excellence Line

The Excellence Line appliances are based on a streamlined, uncluttered concept. Thanks to the mirrored glass fronts, they take on the colours and textures of their surroundings and integrate seamlessly into any kitchen. The new operating panel gives the appliances an iconic feel, while the central positioning of the CircleSlider reinforces their symmetry.


Three colours

The convenience level V2000 and V40000 appliances are available with mirror glass fronts in Black and Platinum. Selected V6000 models are also available in an additional colour variant, the exclusive Pearl.

Symmetry in combination

All of the panels and associated design elements are harmonised across all of our products, which means that you can combine our ovens, steam cookers, Coffee-Centers, dishwashers or WineCoolers with each other as you wish.

Minimalist, simple operation and cleaning

AutoDoor provides the option of doing away with appliance handles altogether, fitting in perfectly with handle-free kitchens. Models that do include handles will win you over with their detail-focused, ergonomic design. The handles are milled from a single block and are made of pearl-blasted aluminium and colour anodised to finish. There is a matching handle for every variety of mirror glass. The straightforward design of the handles makes it much easier to clean the outside of the appliance.

Appliance sizes 

The ovens are available in the standard Swiss and European widths: 55 cm (CH) and 60 cm (EU). The variety of heights available allow you to customise your kitchen design and combine multiple appliances next to or on top of each other, or combine them into a block with a WineCooler or a Coffee-Center, for example. The available heights are 45 cm, 60 cm and 76.2 cm, with integrated heatable drawers. 


Futuristic appliance control: fast and intuitive

The Excellence Line ovens and steam cookers are operated via a large touch display using the CircleSlider. This combination raises the user experience to a new level. 

Revolutionary CircleSlider

The CircleSlider is an adjusting knob that is inserted into the glass in the middle of the touch display. It responds precisely to the placement of your finger on the slightly roughened surface, helping you set exact values such as the temperature or duration.

Combined with the touch display, the CircleSlider is the interactive next stage of our popular rotary-push system. All applications are now described on the high-resolution colour display, allowing you to see which meals they are best suited to. During the cooking process, the CircleSlider displays the progress or the relevant cooking phase. This means you always know how far along the meal is.

The touch display– generous, informative, easy to understand

The touch display shows all of the applications in an app-style view over several pages, similar to a smartphone user interface. If you are not yet comfortable with the icons, you can switch to list view. In this view, all the applications are visible in alphabetical order and you can quickly get to know them thanks to the information that is immediately available.

In the app view, one click takes you to the hot air symbol so that you can choose the type of hot air you need. The appliance can be started as soon as you select the mode you want. The temperature can be adjusted before or during operation using the CircleSlider. 

The appliance helps you to select the best application or learn about new applications. The high-resolution touch display is unique in its size, providing excellent comfort of use and optimum ease of reading. During operation, it provides support and tells you immediately which options the selected application or setting provide.


The EasyCook function provides you with helpful default settings for over 100 selected foods – so you can cook with confidence even without a recipe. Simply select the desired food under EasyCook, and the appliance will immediately suggest one or more appropriate cooking methods.

Improved illumination

Improved illumination, comfortable view of food as it cooks

All ovens, combi-steam cookers and CombairSteamers are fitted with recessed lights in the sides and ceiling of the cooking chamber. The entire cooking chamber is optimally illuminated, even when baking on multiple levels. The user can monitor the cooking progress without being dazzled. Convenience level V2000 and V4000 appliances still have halogen lamps, while convenience level V6000 appliances use new LED lights. These are energy-efficient and offer long lamp life.