Joint action to combat climate change / Giving something back to nature

Anyone who buys a Swiss-made appliance from V-ZUG will receive a product that has been manufactured carbon-neutrally. But as soon as they start using their new washing machine or steamer at home, it will generate CO2 emissions as a result of the power it consumes. With its new CO2 Webshop, V-ZUG is giving customers the opportunity to offset these emissions very easily and contribute towards combating climate change.  

Avoiding, reducing and offsetting – this is our philosophy when it comes to dealing with CO2 emissions. As a responsible and sustainable company, we want to make our contribution and actively work towards combating climate change.  We have set ourselves the goal of reducing emissions by 80 percent by 2030. In the meantime, we are offsetting remaining emissions annually by means of a reforestation project named the V-Forest. We have been manufacturing our products carbon-neutrally at all our sites since 2020 (Scope 1 and 2). But in addition, we want to influence the emissions generated by our appliances after they have left the factory.  

The energy efficiency of the appliances has been continuously increased in recent years. But they still consume electricity each time they are used. The level of emissions depends on how this electricity is produced. Power generated by a coal-fired power station causes a lot more emissions than hydroelectricity, for example. V-ZUG is now inviting its customers to make their contribution by offsetting the emissions that will result during a service life of 15 years, and by investing in the V-Forest. 

Offset your entire kitchen for approximately CHF 120

This is all done via V-ZUG's new CO2 Webshop. Here, customers can select their new appliances. The system will immediately display the emissions that will, on average, be generated by using these appliances for 15 years. Usage patterns are based on an internal calculation derived from studies, eco-design guidelines and real-life figures from V-ZUG's repair service. This calculation generates a price for offsetting the emissions (basis: CHF 40 per tonne of CO2). If the customer has bought a "best in class" appliance, or already buys renewable power from their supplier, the emissions will be reduced accordingly.  For some appliances, just ten francs is enough to offset emissions. A fully equipped kitchen would cost around CHF 120.  

Rebalancing nature

But exactly where is the money invested? The offsetting payments go towards our V-Forest reforestation project, which we are carrying out in conjunction with the Ripa Gar Foundation. The V-Forest is located in Glen Lochay, in the Scottish county of Perthshire. So far in the project, more than 800,000 trees have been planted across an area the size of around 700 football pitches. Our contributions are already enabling the indigenous mixed forest to thrive. Over the next 100 years, the area that has already been reforested will store around 210,000 tonnes of CO2. In addition to storing CO2, the project is having other positive effects such as increasing biodiversity, improving water quality, restoring moorland and reducing flooding. Native flora and fauna will be able to flourish, and nature will find its equilibrium.  

If people want to do even more for the environment, they can offset not only their V-ZUG appliances, but also their air travel or the fuel consumption of their cars in the CO2 Webshop.