Committed to society


Connected to the region
The name says it all: for over 100 years, V-ZUG has been rooted in the heart of Switzerland. Over the years we have built a relationship of trust with our neighbours and local authorities, and we believe that this is an important prerequisite for sustainable development. We also sup-port cultural and charitable organisations in the Swiss region of Zug. In this regard, we select institutions who have something in common with V-ZUG, such as a commitment to low water usage, higher energy efficiency and healthy nutrition.

Our contribution to the «Swiss made» quality label
Our deep connection to the region and the business-friendly environment in Zug will allow us to continue producing and growing in the heart of Switzerland in the future. It is only by pursuing an ambitious development strategy that we will remain internationally competitive and bring the «Swiss made» quality label to the world stage. We are confident that, by helping to strengthen the perception of Switzerland's technology hub around the world, we are also making a contribution to society.

Human rights in the supply chain
A further aspect of our social commitment concerns the upholding of human rights, which is expressly stipulated in the contracts we conclude with our suppliers. To verify that suppliers are in fact adhering to these obligations, we carry out randomised spot checks in annual supplier audits.

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