Our contribution to the future
As a Swiss market leader in the household appliance sector and a hightech company operating internationally, we have set ourselves an ambitious goal: to provide lifelong inspiration and to capture people's imaginations with simple, individual solutions. It's an aspiration that goes far beyond the development and manufacturing of highquality household appliances. V-ZUG wants to help create a future that works well; a world in which scarce resources are preserved, where people can realise their full potential, and where companies like V-ZUG can achieve truly great things – both today and tomorrow.

The many dimensions of sustainability

The key word «sustainability» is at the top of V-ZUG's list of priorities. The concept of sustainability is deeply ingrained in the vision and overall strategy of the company. It connects and intersects our core values, such as quality, innovation and inspiration. At V-ZUG, sustainability covers several aspects: the economy, the environment and society. For us, acting in a sustainable way means accepting responsibility for each of these aspects.

2016/2017 V-ZUG Sustainability Report

About a year and a half has passed since the publication of our 2015 Sustainability Report. In many respects, this period was marked by radical change. A personnel change at the end of 2016 meant that we had to reorganise our responsibility for sustainability reporting. As a result of the reorganisation, we were ultimately unable to publish the report for the 2016 calendar year on time, but this did not affect our various sustainability efforts. 
As a result and as a one-off, we have now decided to extend our sustainability reporting for 2016 and 2017 to two calendar years. We are using the transitional period to streamline the report and sharpen our focus on the essentials. 

You can download the topics and the complete 2016/2017 report here.